Alice 19th

16 year old Seno Alice never had her own identity because she was always hidden behind the shadow of her beautiful and more popular sister, Seno Mayura. Alice has a love for rabbits and her whole adventure starts when she finds a rabbit while crossing the street.

It later turns out that this rabbit is actually some magicial scout who bestows powers on those chosen to be 'Lotis Masters'. These are people who practice an ancient art of ridding evil in the inner hearts of people who have been possessed by demons.

Because Alice is now a 'Lotis Master', she has to discover all 24 stones to complete her Lotis bracelet. However, something unfortunate happens when Mayura mysteriously disappears after an arguement with Alice over their common love interest! On her first journey into the inner heart, Alice finds her sister Mayura falling prey to a powerful demon. And because she's a rooky at the whole Lotis thing, she fails to save her sister before it's too late.

Now, Alice vows to save her sister from this demon and return her to the real world, and at the same time she developes her own character and becomes her own individual.

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Seno Alice (Arisu)

The heroine of the story… a 16 year old girl who lives in her older sister’s shadow. She has a tremendous crush on Kyou, but feels that since she’s not worthy(?), she backs off(regretfully) so her sister can be with him

Wakamiya Kyou

The object of both girls’ obsession… Alice’s senior and co-member of the archery club.

Seno Mayura

Alice’s older sister, whom in Alice’s mind is more beautiful and talented, and also has a big crush on Kyou.


The rabbit Alice rescues from being hit by a car… leaves Alice a bracelet that gives her special powers(?)… this rabbit later transforms into a rabbit-girl(pink hair and rabbit ears)

Frei (Furei/Frey)

Lord Christopher William Orson Andrew Roland XIII (Chris)