Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer is about a normal girl Misaki Suzuhara comes to Tokyo to live with her aunt. She arrives and she gets lost at the train station. While walking around, she observes a match between two "people" (which she thinks that they were wrestlers) who are fighting. She sees that one is big, and the other is a little smaller. She asks a little girl what it was and found out about the world of fighting dolls, Angelic Layer! She sees that even though the little doll was smaller, it won! She filled with excitment and decided to buy and make her own. Then she met Icchan, who helped her pick out all the supplies, and then went home to build her angel Hikaru (how she named after the real Hikaru from Rayearth... Hikaru was small, but was well respected) Then she starts her quest to fight others and become a well respected star! It is a very cool series featuring the future tecnology and a fantasy game. Clamp had plan this series for a long time because they put a clue in Cardcaptor book 8, where kero is reading a Angelic Layer comic.

Charming, funny, exciting, and heartbreaking, Angelic Layer is beautifully animated by Bones (RahXephon, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie), and represents the first shonen (boys) title created by superstar anime and manga artist studio CLAMP (Chobits, Card Captor Sakura).


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Who is CLAMP?

Clamp is a well known group of cartoonists which mainly draws shoujo manga. Clamp consists of 4 members, the leader Nanase Ohkawa, Mokona Apapa, Satsuki Iragashi and Mick Nekoi. There used to be 11 members, but it has since dropped to 4. They are all from the Kansai area of Japan. Their first manga was drawn in 1989, and their first debut was RG VEDA.

  • Nanase Ohkawa
  • Mokona Apapa
  • Mick Nekoi
  • Satsuki Igarashi