Arjuna (Earth Girl) / Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna

"One day I died" …this starts the whole series of Earth Maiden Ajuna off. Juna, the main character, dies in an accident, but while her spirit floats towards heaven she sees the future of the Earth. A ghostly character named Chris offers to save her life if she will in turn do something for him and the world. Juna is given a chance to become the “avatar of time” and wield power over the balance of nature. She finds that her priorities and values have to change in order for her to achieve her potential. She must realize the truth of nature and society as it exists, and what people do has direct consequences on the planet.

First: relax the body and pierce the heaven and earth.
Second: calm the mind and take a deep breath.
Third: focus the sight far beyond infinity.
Fourth: do not simply hit the target, become one with the target.

"Arjuna combines Hindu mythos with ecological themes to tell a tale of Earth's fate, as decided by today's youth. Through unorthodox cinematography and striking computer graphics, this work presents mankind's most pressing dilemma with uncompromising frankness. Yet, it is also a thrilling fantasy adventure from the acclaimed creators of Macross Plus and Escaflowne."
- by Bandi


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