Bubblegum Crisis 2040/Bubblegum Crisis

The year is 2040, 10 years after the huge Tokyo quake. Things seem as calm as ever. We meet Lina a girl from the country that wants to be a Knight Saber. Watch as she follows her dream and is joined by Nene, Sylia, and Priss. They all have there own dreams they are after as they fight rouge boomers in the city. With the public unaware of what is really going on behind the scene. Can the Knight Sabers stop the growing danger in the city and still avoid the AD Police that are after them? Follow Nene the AD Police information center, Priss a rock group singer, Sylia who runs a clothing store and Lina who works at a stock brokerage in their journeys as Knight Sabers

Bubblegum Crisis takes place in a distant Tokyo in the year 2032. The city is a very dark place. It is very built up. Towering building fill the skyline of MegaTokyo. This has happened after the major build up for the last earthquake. Boomers have started to take over the menial work of man. But not all boomers are good. Thus the need of a special group called the Knight Sabers. These are special women named: Priss The Rock Singer, Sylia Head of the Knight Sabers, Linna The Aerobics Instructor, and Nene A Member of the AD Police. This is about their adventures and the trails that they face defending the city from the Boomers.


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