Chance Pop Session / Chance Triangle Session

Chance pop session is about three girls that have come together with a dream. Each one is fill with a passion to do follow Rekia, their idol. To follow this dream, they are going to a school that their idol went to. They just have to be as good as her. Each has a dream to follow and the talent to go with it. They will follow their dream and make it to show biz no matter what the world may think of them. Akari, Yuki and Nozomi are the three girls and they have a passion that no one can stop.

"Many people can sing, but there are only a few of those who can use that talent to move a person's soul."
- Kisaragi (Yu Daiki)


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How to be a PopStar

Session One

The first lesson in beauty is to keep it simple. You are young. You already have a natural youthful radiance. Look at yourself, recognize your best features and only use make-up to enhance them. Make-up is not meant to transform you into somebody else or to hide from the world but to bring out what is distinct in you. Popstars never run from what makes them unique: they stand tall and embrace their individuality. Assert what makes you special. A good diet, lots of exercise and self-awareness is the recipe for genuine beauty… the kind of beauty that makes lasting impression.
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Session Two find the fashion that will enhance your inner beauty. If you wake up in the morning and feeling dull, it is amazing what a great outfit will do for your inner psyche. When you fee you look good the world takes notice. It will be worth your time and effort to find the look that expresses who you are. Be daring and experiment because the only way to discover what feels right is to try lots of difference colors, cuts, and styles. Don’t obsess – just enjoy the process. Copyright 2003 A.D. Vision, Inc. ALL Rights Reserved


Akari Mizushima

Yuki Aoyama

Nozomi Kaibara


Kisaragi Akiba

Jun Morimura

Kaito Kosaka