El Hazard - The Wanderers

El Hazard the Magical World, that is what is Anime truly is. A group of people are taken from a High School in Shinonome, Japan, by a mysterious woman and transported to the world of El Hazard. Where we soon find out that each of the four have unique and different gifts that they have in this world. This is the story about their travels in this world. Makoto, Nanami, Mr. Fujisawa, and Jinnia are the people taken to El Hazard. See how each of them deal with happens in this world. Each of the three Story lines are El Hazard OAV, The Wanders, El Hazard 2, El Hazard: The Alternative World. They are all worth seeing for the truly different ideas.


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Makoto Mizuhara

Katsuhiko Jinnai

Nanami Jinnai

Masamichi Fujisawa

Princess Rune Venus

Princess Fatora

Alielle Ralielle/Parnasse Ralielle

Dr. Schtalubaugh


Yuba Yurius

Miz Mishtal

Shayla Shayla

Afura Mann

Qawool Towles

Queen Diva



Dall Narcis


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