Full Metal Alchemist

ďHumankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truthĒ

Edward and Alphonse Elric, two brothers skilled in the science of Alchemy. But when they try and use this power to achieve the forbidden....bringing their dead mother back to life...they pay a terrible price. Part of Edís body is destroyed, as is all of all of Alís. Ed saves his brotherís life by binding his soul to a suit of armor, making him a living metal giant

Now the brothers are searching for a way to restore their bodies back to normal through Alchemy. Through their travels they meet many friends and foes, discover secrets both terrible and wonderful about their chosen art, and discover whatís right and whatís wrong isnít always so black and white.


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