GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO Great Teacher Onizuka, is one unique and different out look on teaching. Just when you thought nothing could surprise you. This does and will. 22 year old Eikichi Onizuka is looking to teach. Has he gone to school for it? Not at all! Student teaching helps him land a job. His very different outlook on teaching is something to be seen! No class will ever be the same with him teaching. He puts his old biker gang days in to use as a teacher! He takes his job serious, and the students are more important than the school board.

GTO is the runaway hit from Japan based on the hugely popular manga series by Tohru Fujisawa.


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Onizuka Eikichi
Fuyutsuki Azusa
Aizawa Miyabi
Nomura Tomoko
Kanzaki Urumi
Kikuchi Yoshito
Murai Kunio
Uehara Anko
Yoshikawa Noboru
Fujiyoshi Koji
Kusano Tadaaki
Ijima Saeko
Murai Julia
Kunio's mother. She is 27-year old woman and gave birth to Kunio when she was only 13.
Murai Kunio