Green Legend Ran

A devastating environmental catastrophe robs the Earth of its natural resources, leaving it a veritable desert planet. Human beings struggle to survive in this barren world while strange artifacts from space, known as the Rodo, settle about the planet's surface and replenish water sources within their immediate radii. The presence of the Rodo inspires a cult following among some of the humans who thereafter call themselves Rodoists. The cult's fundamentalist beliefs oppress and torment the Earth survivors who live in the dry, impoverished urban sectors. Ran, a young hot-head from the slums, joins an anti-Rodoist group called the Hazzard and falls in love with the group's beautiful, silver-hair ward. Aira has a spiritual connection with the Rodo. Regarding Aira's mysterious power as an advantage, Hazzard, led by their over-zealous leader, Kiba, snatches Aira from their camp and force her to reveal the secret of the Holy Mother, a Rodo "device." Ran recognizes Kiba as the same man who killed his mother years ago in a gunfight, and follows Hazzard's submarine to save the girl he loves. After a near death stint in the desert, Ran is rescued by a peacekeeper named Jeek and teams up with his crew to prevent an impending war between the terrorists and Rodoist fanatics.


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