Hellsing is an organization that fights for humans that are the pawns in this anime. Vampires and other such creatures fill the scene in this section of the world. Their only way to fight the vampires, well get one on their side! So the fight goes on and on. Arucard the rouge vampire fights for the humans pawns that he should have been feeding on. While mocking his own kind. This is a well thought out and draw you in fast kind of anime. It is very Vampire Hunter D like!

A secret war is brewing in the night ≠ a war in which humanity is only a pawn. The mysterious Hellsing Organization deploys in the shadows to protect ordinary mortals from the undead legions who would prey upon them.

Now, artificially spawned ghouls and vampires are appearing, stretching the Hellsing soldiers to their limits ≠ forcing them to call in their ultimate weapon ≠ the rogue vampire, Arucard!


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The World of Hellsing

Hellsing Organization
Dedicated to waging a war against the undead, this secret paramilitary organization is unknown to the public - but apparently has some official authorization, as evidenced by the procedural channels enacted for dealing with outbreaks of vampirism in England.
The Organization is housed in the ancestral Hellsing mansion, and some members even live there. Seras is invited to live there after she becomes a vampire. Integra Hellsing is the leader of the group and she inherits the position after the mysterious death of her father.

A special branch of the London Police D11 is sent to Cheddar, but the entire squad, save Seras Victoria, is quickly overcome and turned into zombie ghouls.

Iscariot Organization
This secret branch of the Vatican is concerned with the same mission as Hellsing - the destruction of the unholy undead. Ideaological differences come into play, as Hellsing has different methods in waging its battles against the undead. Integra takes a special affront to interference from the Iscariots, claiming England is a Protestant country and the Vatican has no authority there.



He is a vampire that is working for Hellsing. What his reasons are for working for them we donít know. He seems to have a reason for this. How old is he? Another question we donít really have the answer for. The powers he has seem to be great which leads me to think he is older than we know. The sense of humor he has is a big one. It is used throughout the show at really odd times.

Seras Victoria

She was a police girl that just happened to end up in a bad position. Her position was such that she ended up almost dead but took the choice from Arucard to be turned into a vampire rather than die. Arucard calls her "Police Girl" and almost never by her name. Adjusting to her new live, She is not doing well at all. Her hunger is something she is not used to but develops into a very well rounded character as time goes on.

Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing

A long line of people that have been killing vampire and the undead, is what the Hellsing family is about. Intregra is no different in this respect. She knows a lot about her foes and does not take chances. Knowing when to take chances and when not to, is something she does very well. There is a understanding for those that work under her and for her. Intregra remains clam during many of the episodes and even in bad times does pretty much okay.


Walter seems to be the butler that is just nice sweet and kind, that is not always the case. He works for Sir Integra and does what she commands. As an ex-Hellsing commando fighting on the lines he is well suited for the backup squad for when things go wrong at the estate. Metal wires are his choice of weapon when fighting. He is not slow by any means, considering his age I think he does move very nicely. You will often see him getting new weapons for Arucard. He also helps out Seras as well in her new adjustment to life.



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