L/R (Licensed by Royalty)

Jack Hofner and Rowe Rickerbacker are L/R. They are secret agents working for none other than the Royal Family of Ishtar. Talk about a lucky job! Well almost lucky, by some standards. They have the gadgets, disguises and all the fun one can expect. Plus they are just doing their job.

They are sometimes known as "L/R" - Licensed by Royalty, but they will never admit which one is "L" and which is "R"...


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Jack Hofner

Jack is our smooth talker. He has a nice cool head (don’t I wish I did), and a smile to die for. He has a knack for getting out of tight spots by just talking. He is a member or Cloud 7.

Rowe Rickenbacker

Rowe is the master of disguise. Right off you get the idea that he is the more "easy going" of the two agents. He is a member or Cloud 7.

Claire Pennylane

Claire is also a member of Cloud 7. She helps out Jack and Rowe from time to time, by relaying messages and some times going into the field herself (not to often).

Noelle Ardelade



Mister is head of Cloud 7. passing down orders from Camille and briefing them on their missions is what he does. He is also Claire’s father.