Magic Knight Rayearth

Three ordinary high school girls on a field trip to Tokyo Tower are transported to a magical world called Cephrio. They are call by Princess Emeraude to save her world. Follow Fuu, Umi and Hikaru on there magical jounrey to become magic knights and save Cephrio. The three have each trails that they come upon and must get through. Meet the people they meet along the way to obtain there final goal.

I personally really like this series from the start to the end of the second season. Both are enjoyable. I think Clamp did a wonderful job of putting it all together. Also the transition from the manga to anime went very nicely I think. It is one I personally recomend. Each schoolgirl in this series learns something that is unique to them and they are contently learning about things they had never thought about.


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Who is CLAMP?

Clamp is a well known group of cartoonists which mainly draws shoujo manga. Clamp consists of 4 members, the leader Nanase Ohkawa, Mokona Apapa, Satsuki Iragashi and Mick Nekoi. There used to be 11 members, but it has since dropped to 4. They are all from the Kansai area of Japan. Their first manga was drawn in 1989, and their first debut was RG VEDA.

  • Nanase Ohkawa
  • Mokona Apapa
  • Mick Nekoi
  • Satsuki Igarashi

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