Please Teacher/Onegai Teacher/ Please Twins

Please Teacher is an interesting combination of Tenchi, Oh, My Goddess and Hand Made May. Kei is a young man who has a problem. He has stand stills, where he blacks out and his body does not age during that time. Kei looks 15 but is really 18 years old. Mizuho Kazami is Kei's new teacher in school. What he finds out is that she is a half alien and half human. This leads to them being married to keep her secret. It is amazing at each turn and nothing is as you expect it.


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Kei Kusanagi

Mizuho Kazami




Konoha Kei's Aunt


He who always is looking and commenting about beautiful women, is Kei's uncle. He is the one that sets them up to be married in the first place…or at least makes it seem that way to others. Minoru is also a Dr that runs a clinic out of their house.


Marie is this ships avatar…and is supposed to do what Mizhuo says…but it met with an accident and does not always do that any more…