Himeno lives with her dad, a journalist, who just married the richest woman in the city. Caught in a new situation of her mushy newlywed parents and two new stepsisters, she feels a bit out of place. However, when the Leafe Knights discover that Himeno is Pretear, the protector they were looking for, they immediately aid her in the new missions they must face. But with all this, Himeno must still prove that she can live up to the challenges as Pretear.

Information listed on DVD:

A mahou shoujo series, Prétear combines elements of the fairy tales Cinderella (new stepmother and evil stepsisters) and Snow White (seven knights instead of seven dwarves). After its Japanese release, the title was lauded for its beautiful animation, in-depth characterizations, exciting battle scenes, and enchanting soundtrack.

The series follows the exploits of one Himeno Awayuki—a sixteen-year-old girl who wants nothing more than to live an ordinary, happy life. But when her nutty father Kaoru marries the wealthy executive Natsue, Himeno finds herself living on an estate the size of a small country and saddled with two stepsisters, Mayune and Mawata, who won’t give her the time of day!

Created by Kaori Naruse and noted anime fantasy creator Junichi Sato (director of the first series of Sailor Moon and creator of Kaleido Star).


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