Revolutionary Girl Utena

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a little princess and she was sad for her mother and father had died. Before the princess appeared a traveling prince upon a white horse. He had a regal bearing and a kind smile. He wrapped the princess in a rose-sented embrace. "Little one," he said. "Growing up alone in such sorrow, don't lose that strength and nobility even when you become a young lady. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me." Perhaps the ring he gave her was an engagement ring. This was all well and good, but so impressed was she by him that the princess vowed to become a prince herself one day. But was that a good idea?
-Revolutionary Girl Utena, vol.1

Utena went to a high school to find the prince of her dreams. Little did she realize what other things where waiting for her there. The school council is the duelist of the place. How little did she know that her own ring was apart of the council and the fight for the rose bride, Anthy.

The fight entails a story in the background that you are not expecting. What does it all mean? Well that is for you to figure out. Who is in love? Who is not in love? Why fight at all?


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Utena Tenjou

She's not quite your typical girl type heroine. Long ago Utena was inspired by a prince on a white horse who told her to "hold on to your strength and nobility even when you have grown." This inspires her to become a prince that saves princesses and not the other way around. Utena wears a black uniform that is typically for boys, which is against school regulation. Utena likes sports and cooking. She dislikes anything that is unfair and unjust.

Anthy Himemiya

The reason why Utena is fighting all those duels. She possesses the power to bring forth Revolution. She is sweet and meek to an extreme fault. She takes on the personality to whomever she is engaged to, her true personality is shrouded in mystery. She likes animals and tends to take in strays (even the big ballon octupus counts). She also takes care of the roses in the "Student Council's Greenhouse."

Wakaba Shinohara

Wakaba is Utena's best friend and is almost like a Golden Retriever high on caffine. She jumps on Utena frequently, causing her to lose her balance. She jokingly refers to her best friend as her "boyfriend" although this is a strickly plutonic relationship. Wakaba is annoying... yes, a rather annoying character but an excellent friend, none-the-less. She often cheers Utena up and will "snap" her out when she needs it the most.

Touga Kiriyuu

I say evil manipulative bastard but some people think otherwise (then again the guy is a lot more complex than meets the eye so it's really hard to judge him.) The suave and handsome president of the infamous Student Council is smitten by Utena and likes to use manipulation to get to her. He claims that he is chivilrous and at least some of the time he is. He knows more about the "Rose Bride" than Utena does and when he does win (well, he cheats but close enough) his duel he flaunts it. He is a playboy who catches the attention of many girls in the Academy. Now did I already say he's an evil manipulative bastard? Oh, yeah I did. But eh, who can resist a tall good looking red head with a streak. Not to mention a guy with a lot of class.

Nanami Kiriyuu

The rather annoying younger sister of Touga who seems to be more than deeply amored by him. She pretty much has what Miki calls a "Big Brother Complex" and it really shows. She is extremely jealous of any girl who takes any attention away from her beloved brother. She has the most vivid imagination that I've seen on any anime character. She also has two sets of thugs beside her (one set often found picking on Anthy.) Like Touga she will use manipulation to get what she wants however, she's not quite that bright and her plans often backfire on her and in the most humorous ways.

Kiyuichi Saonji

This character can be described as a savage wife beating jerk with a psychotic streak in him. He loves Anthy and believes that they belong together. He also has this need to control her as well. He is more than determined to find "eternity" with Anthy and will at all costs win her back from Utena.

Miki Karou

Miki is the 7th grade genius of Ohtori Academy. He is an excellent student who is fences and plays the piano at a national level. He composed the piece called The Sunlit Garden with his twin sister Kozue at a very young age. Miki is very polite, sweet, and very intelligent.

Juri Arisugawa

Juri is a upperclass man and a member of the Student Council. She is the captin of the fencing club and is one heck of a fencer. She seems to be the type that is highly admired both by classmates and by her teachers as well. Juri is what I would call a bitter realist. She no longer believes that the power of miracles and love because the one who told her to believe in them also betrayed her in the worst possible way.

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