Samurai 7

Samurai 7 by GONZO Digimation is an anime based on Akira Kurosawa's classic film The Seven Samurai. Although this series has remained faithful to the original film's essential elements, it has its own unique twists to distinguish it and is therefore not simply an animated remake of the movie. Set in a world that is at once futuristic and rustic, Kurosawa's story comes to life once again in a masterful blend of cel and CG animation backed by a traditional Japanese score.

This series was recently licensed for domestic release by FUNimation.


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Rice has become a precious commodity, and only the farmers can produce it properly. Each year, however, the Nobuseri -- samurai who have given up their human bodies for giant, mechanized forms -- come to the farms and take the lion's share of the harvest while the peasants look on helplessly. The farmers of Kanna Village, however, have had enough, and send Dowser Priestess Kirara, her little sister Komachi, and farmer Rikichi in search of seven samurai to help them. But who's desperate and/or crazy enough to help a poor village that can offer only rice as a reward -- and can Kirara find them before the Nobuseri come for the next harvest? More importantly, can they win?


The Farmers

Kirara: She is the dowser priestess of Kanna Village. Together with her little sister Komachi and the farmer Rikichi, she bravely strikes out into the great unknown of the city to find the samurai.

Komachi: Kirara's little sister. An adventurous and fearless girl who cries at the sight of ruined rice.

Rikichi: The peasant who accompanies Kirara and Komachi into the city. He seems to harbor a hatred for the Nobuseri that's too personal to be coincidence.

The Samurai

Shimada Kanbei: A veteran of many battles, he is reluctant to help Kirara because he fears his propensity for losing wars will end in the village's destruction. He wields his custom katana with unsurpassed skill and confidence.

Kikuchiyo: A powerful mechanical samurai with a habit of speaking and swinging his huge sword without thinking, which often gets him into trouble -- and turned into several pieces! He is oddly sympathetic to the farmers' plight.

Okamoto Katsushirou: A young, inexperienced warrior who is eager to help Kirara -- perhaps too eager. He aspires to be a samurai so he can accomplish great things and improve himself. He uses a sword, his bare hands, and sometimes anything that happens to be nearby.

Katayama Gorobei: He is a samurai-turned-entertainer. While he carries a sword, his skill at catching projectiles is second to none.

Heihachi: Very rarely does he not have a grin on his face, but don't let that easygoing demeanor fool you: he's as adept with his sword as he is with machines.

Shichirouji: Kanbei's war buddy and former pilot, he's settled down in his own small castle and now runs the Firefly, an inn and restaurant in the Village of Respite, with his mate, Yukino. The spear is his weapon of choice.

Kyuuzou: A grim, forbidding man who prefers to let his actions speak for him. His skill with his twin swords is equal only to Kanbei's swordsmanship.

Other Characters

Masamune: This strange, scarred old fellow has a knack for swordsmithing and mechanics, and is often the one who puts Kikuchiyo back together. He also knows the ins and outs of the city.

Ayamaro: He manages the affairs of Kouga Valley, and seems to have quite a few shady dealings on the side -- including with the Nobuseri.

Ukyou: Ayamaro's son. He's a spoiled dilettante who likes to collect pretty women, and his sights have fallen on Kirara.