Slayer is a wild and crazy anime that will take you by the hand and never let go. This anime is about Lina Inverse and her adventures that she goes on. You will be surprised from the start of what happens. Nothing is ever what you expect it to be. You follow her as she gathers friends and enemies along the way. Never knowing which will be which. Each adventure will just leave you wanted to know more about this crazy, short, small breasted woman named "Lina Inverse".

There is the Movies and the Series. They are two almost different things. In the movies and OAV you see Naga and none of those from the normal series. In the Series you have Xellos , Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia. They travel around and run into trouble along the way or trouble finds them. But Lina Inverse is in them all! She carries that same attitude in it all.


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Lina Inverse

Gourry Gabriev

Zelgadis Greywers

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune


Rezo, the Red Priest

Prince Phillonel





"Hellmaster" Phibrizo


Naga The Serpent

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