Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers

In the distant future, time is running out for the human race as a sickness slowly destroys the Earth, making it incapable of supporting life within a short time. Earth's last, best hope for a cure is the valiant crew of a powerful yet untested spaceship. Guided by a wise and experienced captain, they set out towards the stars on an epic journey in search of mankind's salvation, ready to face whatever dangers await them...

The first saga, Quest For Iscandar, is the fight to reclaim Earth from the destruction caused by the planet bombs released by Desslok of Gamilon. The second saga details their exploits against Prince Zordar of The Comet Empire, and his attempt to conquer the earth. The third saga, The Bolar Wars, pits the Star Force and Desslok (yes, they become friends) against the Bolar Federation


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