Whisper of the Heart / Mimi wo Sumaseba

9th grader Tsukishima Shizuku loves to read books, especially fantasy books. She enjoys it so much that during her summer break she has set out to read twenty books over the holidays. But Shizuku finds something disturbing about the books she's been reading: In each of the check-out cards, she sees the same name -- Amasawa Seiji. Who is this boy? And as if there weren't enough pressures of doing well at school, Shizuku also begins to realize that she's no longer a little girl anymore. While following a wandering cat when travelling on the train, she finds herself in an upscale neighborhood which houses a most unusual European curio shop. Inside is a most unusual doll of an aristocratic cat, with eyes that captivate her imagination. With that, she finds herself embarking on a voyage of self-discovery and confronting the difficulties of her approaching adulthood: thoughts of her yet to be decided career goals, and perhaps even love...


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