Saved one night from an attack by a crow, Kohaku - an angel in chibi form by night and human form by day - vowed to fulfill a wish for the kind-hearted doctor who saved him, Shuuichirou Kudou, in order to repay his kindness. However, the doctor had no wish that he wanted fulfilled, so Kohaku stayed in the house, hoping that he could be of some help to the doctor. There was not much of anything to help with except chores like watering the plants, but Kohaku tried...

Kohaku was one who cried easily but was very much doted on by the other archangels, especially Hisui (Jade). Kohaku was sent to the Human World in search of Hisui but was interrupted by Kouryuu, a demon that likes to bully Kohaku. Just when Kouryuu was about to attack Kohaku, Kohaku was saved by Hisui. However, although Hisui was found, Kohaku still could not go back to Heaven with her because she was no longer an archangel. Hisui had fallen in love with Kokuyou, the Demon King's only son, and he with her. Hisui could no longer be an archangel because she had already been "eaten" (guess this meaning yourself) by Kokuyou. The two of them were about to leave to roam about the Human World, the only place where they could stay, when Shuuichirou offered them his place as a shelter for the time being, so that Kohaku need not worry about Hisui.


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Who is CLAMP?

Clamp is a well known group of cartoonists which mainly draws shoujo manga. Clamp consists of 4 members, the leader Nanase Ohkawa, Mokona Apapa, Satsuki Iragashi and Mick Nekoi. There used to be 11 members, but it has since dropped to 4. They are all from the Kansai area of Japan. Their first manga was drawn in 1989, and their first debut was RG VEDA.

  • Nanase Ohkawa
  • Mokona Apapa
  • Mick Nekoi
  • Satsuki Igarashi