Once upon a time there was an island kingdom called Esteria. Esteria was known far and wide as the 'prosperous Kindom of Y's' because of the quality and purity of the silver within its mines. But when the silver mines ran dry, foreign ships failed to return, and Esteria was slowly forgotten over the millennia.

Aron Christian, a swordsman, washes ashore on the island of Esteria, half-dead after being tossed violently by a hurricane. A kind fisherman finds Aron and restores him to health, giving him some clothing and a small bag of gold. Though the generosity of the people of this kingdom impresses Aron, he quickly grows restless for adventure. One day, Aron notices a small mountain range marked by an ominous tower at its peak. When he asks about it, the people make the sign of the evil eye and reply, "That is the Tower of The Doomed. It is the place where the troubles of our land began." And as Aron peers at the tower in the distance, he knows that his destiny awaits him there.


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