Grand Gulch Primative Area, UT

Location:U.S. Highway 95

An area full of the past and many types of it, the Grand Gulch is an area that is full of Anasazi history, as well of the history of the discovery and exploration. The ruins of the Anasazi fill the canyons in that area. Their paintings cover the walls of where their homes once were. Each one painting or petroglyphs is a story that they left behind for us to discover.

General Information

The Grand Gulch Primitive Area is between Natural Bridge National Park and Glen Canyon State Park. It is just of U.S. Hwy 191. Access to the area through the many ways to enter. You will need to get a permit to enter the area. The BLM has control over this land and keeps good control over it. Even if you are just planning a day hike you need a permit for this.


The Anasazi flourished in Grand Gulch between 700 and 2,000 years ago. The fact that so many sites remain and that they are so well preserved is what makes Grand Gulch such a special area. It has been determined that most of the people that dwelled in this area were basketmakers in the beginning. They then developed into Pueblo which is characterized by the making of pottery. Many different types of ruins throughout the areas show the changes in the history of these people.

If just wandering though the ruins you can still see pieces of there past. Small pieces of potter and other types of artifacts can be seen in or around the ruins. Please let them be. They are a part of history and should not be taking from the area.