Higgins Armory Museum, MA

Location:100 Barber Avenue
Worcester, MA

The only museums in the Western Hemisphere that is devoted to arms, weapons and displays them for all to see. It is a wonderful learning experience to see inside a building that is just loaded with information and items to see.

General Information

Located in Worcester, MA, Higgins Armory is the only museum of its type in that area. With a huge collection that ranges from medieval to Native America to ancient Japan. The various collections with the musem: Ancient Arms & Armor, Hunting Gallery, Combat Wing, Arms & Armor Around The World, The Armorer's Craft and Tournament Wing.

This is a permanent collection. It does not move around or really go anywhere. John Woodman Higgins started the museum. He was a very interesting man. The outside of the museum looks more like a steal building that is fancy with the interior that looks like a castle. The artifacts are very widely ranged in types.

John Woodman Higgins

"Every industry should establish its own technical museum for the inspiration of others in industry, the study of its clients, and the general education of the public, and they should not only cover history, but present products and possibilities for the future" -- John Woodman Higgins