Natural Bridges National Monument, UT

Location:Entrance is at the end of Highway 275
35 miles west of Blanding, UT on Highway 95

Natural Bridges National Monument is a collection of natural bridges of the rarest kind, ones that still stand. Each bridge is different and unique in how they were formed, and with so many together it is a rare sight to have see them.

General Information

Owachomu Bridge

Natural Bridges National Monument is an impressive collection of bridges. Located in the Four Corners of Utah near Lake Powell. This is a rare collection of bridges. Since natural bridges are from by natural running water it is impressive to see some standing. The bridges are named to reflect the Hopi Indians of that area.

This 9 mile loop around give you a small glimpse of each bridge. To get a close look at some of them a little hiking is involved. Each hike to see the bridges are short and well worth the trip. Some cant be seen very well from the paved road. Sipapu, Kachina and Owachomu are the most spectacular of they all. Each stands as a monument to time and natures work on it surroundings.