Territorial Statehouse, UT

Location:50 West Capitol Avenue
Fillmore, UT 84631

One building that stands for an important part of the past of Utah. A cherished building, that hold the past to an area within its walls, for all to see. There is nothing more important than remembering a past that is important, and buildings stand for that better than some other things.

General Information

The oldest government building in Utah is located in Fillmore, Utah. What was to be the first wing of four it was the only one to be completed. The building holds many of the treasured past of the area. The building was created by the direction of Brigham Young. He was hopping for state hood and thought the location of Fillmore was a good one. The building was to be located in the center of the territory.

Only one full session was held in the building. It was then decided that it was to far away from the main amount of people. So in December 1858 it was moved back to Salt Lake City. It has remained there to this day. The building was then taken over by various groups and made into different things. It has been a hotel and even used as a jail at one point.

In 1930 the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers took over the building and turned it into a museum. The building became Utah’s first state park in 1957. The building holds the various things for the past of the area. The collection contains stuff from 1805 to 1896. The building still holds an important to the states past. In addition to the building itself there is an All-American Rose Selection that does very well. A wonderful picnic area, both are next to the building.